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May 1st 2005


LabGadget LLC, a new company in R&D laboratory innovation makes the following announcement.

LabGadget launches x-tracta

LabGadget announces today the launch of its first product, x-tracta, an innovative disposable device that simplifies one of the most frustrating tasks performed by molecular biologists. In research laboratories across the world molecular biologists run thousands of agarose and polyacrylamide gels with a view to separating, extracting and purifying DNA and RNA samples to aid research that will provide vital clues in the quest for new drug treatments and knowledge about disease processes. Over 21 million DNA extractions are performed every year and excising the small bands of DNA and RNA has traditionally been achieved with a scalpel or razor blade. In addition to being time consuming, the use of blades causes significant sample loss, poor recovery and reproducibility as well as prolonged exposure of the scientists to harmful UV radiation. The x-tracta can be operated with one hand and allows researchers to excise DNA or RNA bands and transfer them in less than 10 seconds in a reproducible fashion while saving time, eliminating sample contamination and minimizing UV exposure. Field tests in leading pharmaceutical research laboratories showed that x-tracta can excise 600 DNA bands per hour compared to 100 for existing methods. Successful transfer was achieved in over 95% of experiments.


About LabGadget

LabGadget was founded in 2005 to develop simple products that provide solutions to research problems encountered by scientists. The company and its executives have an extensive background in scientific research, precision engineering and the sales and marketing of enabling technology platforms. LabGadget is based in Skokie, Illinois, USA.

For More Information Contact
Dr Darrin M Disley
Marketing Communications
LabGadget LLC

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