x-tracta : Gel extraction solution

December 10th 2006


LabGadget LLC, a leading company in R&D laboratory innovation makes the following announcement.

LabGadget announces additional distributors for x-tracta

LabGadget announces that it has appointed distributors in: North America, South Africa, Canada and Taiwan for x-tracta™, its innovative, disposable gel extraction device.

x-tracta was launched in April 2005 at the AACR conference in Anaheim, CA., USA, and has since been widely adopted in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim as the method of choice for excising small bands of DNA and RNA for use in downstream molecular biology research. The availability of the next generation disposable x-tracta will for the first time give researchers a reliable, cheap and safe solution for performing routine gel band extraction experiments without the risk of sample cross-contamination.

Dr Paul Morrill, Business Development Director at LabGadget says, “by partnering with high-quality distributors such as USA Scientific in North America, AEC Amersham in Sub-Saharan Africa, Medicorp Inc in Canada and Bio-East in Taiwan, LabGadget will be able to make the next generation x-tracta available to more research groups throughout the world including those markets where the cost associated with performing gel extraction experiments is a real issue. We are in discussions with several more distributors and anticipate having a global network of distributors for x-tracta in place by the first quarter of 2007.”

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About LabGadget

LabGadget was founded in 2005 to develop products that provide solutions to research problems encountered by scientists. The company and its executives have an extensive background in scientific research, design, precision engineering and the sales and marketing of enabling technology platforms. LabGadget is based in Skokie, Illinois, USA.

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Dr Darrin M Disley
Marketing Communications
LabGadget LLC

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