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Each year >21,000,000 samples of DNA samples are extracted for use in cloning. The current process comprises a series of inefficient steps including an initial extraction step that requires:

  • Separating DNA by gel electrophoresis then visualizing the bands under a UV-transilluminator.
  • Excising the desired sample band with a razor and/or tweezers.
  • Transferring the sample band to a test tube for subsequent purification steps.

This standard laboratory procedure suffers from the following:

Problem Result
Protracted UV exposure
Damaged DNA samples
Health risk to researchers
Non-uniform gel slices
Variable DNA yield and purity
Sloppy sample transfer
Sample loss and/or contamination
Use of sharps
Health risk to researchers and possible cross contamination

The extraction process can be improved thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of your research.

x-tracta - the disposable gel extraction tool from LabGadget provides a very convenient and efficient solution for pure & high yield gel extractions. Click here to learn more about x-tracta.


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